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I have a great idea that would make Wren even more awesome. What's the best way to let you know?

We love to hear feedback and suggestions about the app, so send us an email with your idea! We'll implement the ideas we like most.

What if I find a bug?

Send us an email with as much detail as you can about what happened (tips on reporting a bug), and we'll look into it.

What's the story on the name Wren?

We wanted something bird-related to have a simple connection to Twitter. After searching high and low for a bird name that wasn't taken by a Twitter client, we settled on Wren since it's a small, simple and social bird. It's also the state bird of South Carolina, which is where we live and work. (HT to @seangaffney for helping here too!)

I'm not sure I've ever seen a yellow wren before. What's that about?

You got us there. Wrens are normally a muted brown color. We're just fans of yellow.

What does Wren do?

It saves you time by letting you tweet without seeing your timeline. It also comes with several features like username autocompletion, link shortening and drafts to make it easy to tweet during your busy work day.

What does it NOT do?

A lot of things in fact. Mainly you can't see other people's tweets (read: be distracted). There are no direct messages either since those can be very distracting. You also can't view profiles—but that's not important while you're working, now is it?

Why just 3 drafts?

We like the idea of constraining the number of drafts. It helps keep focus on tweeting and not managing a huge list of potential tweets. We may eventually change our perspective, but we're pretty set on this. :)

Do you have something against the timeline?

Nope. We're huge fans of our timelines. With Wren, we can now be more engaged when we decide to check in on our timelines.

Who is Wren for?

Designers, writers, musicians, bloggers, project managers, CEOs, etc. Anyone trying to be productive but finding Twitter is getting in the way. If you want to be tweeting during the day without the distraction of your timeline, give Wren a try. We think you'll like it.

How quickly will you be releasing new features?

As quickly as we can. We both have full-time client work, so we appreciate your patience.

Is there an iPhone version?

Not at the moment. We'd love to make one and hope that's in the future. Let us know if you'd like this, too!

Do you do client work?

Sure do. See our individual sites, andrewramos.com and kevinsmith.cc, for more info.

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